About Mishka

Hello! My name is Misha and I am the founder of the Mishka underwear brand. Mishka (мишка) is the Russian version of my own name, which means 'bear'. That's what I was called while studying abroad a few years ago and I thought it sounded cooler than the original.

In 2021 I was looking for long women's boxershorts for my own use, but this turned out to be an endless search. Then I got the idea to design them myself. After a long period of selecting fabrics, brainstorming about fits, teaching myself how to use a sewing machine, seeking tips from experts and everything that came with it, I finally had a product that I am extremely enthusiastic about. During this period I noticed that there were many women of various ages who, just like me, were looking for long boxershorts. I decided to make this work.

In 2023 the time had finally come. The boxershorts were there and my team and I could finally pursue the goal of making as many women as possible happy with boxershorts made especially for them. The ideal fit and the addition of bamboo in the fabric provide enormous comfort due to the super soft, stretchy and breathable fabric. This will allow all these women to combine comfort and style in a cool look. And so Mishka underwear emerged as the perfect name for this company.

We proudly refer you to the range on the website to experience the boxershorts for yourself. Do you have questions and/or comments about the current offer? Let us know via the contact page on the website. Also follow us on Instagram for the latest updates, products and sales.